Setting up Virtual FujiNet on Altirra on Ubuntu 21.10

Locations used in this setup:

~/Documents/Projects – This is where I keep my github projects
~/Documents/Windows Programs/Altirra – Where I have the Altirra emulator installed

Set up Altirra

First install Wine. Directions here:

Download altirra

Extract the files and put them where you want the program to be.

I used ~/Documents/Windows Programs/Altirra

I created a little script to start altirra inside the Altirra directory

Install prerequesites and download github files

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

sudo apt install libbsd-dev libexpat-dev libssl-dev cmake g++

mkdir ~/Documents/Projects
cd ~/Documents/Projects
git clone
git clone

Build fujietnet-pc and run it

cd fujinet-pc/build
cmake --build .
cp -a ../data/* .
mkdir sd

Now go to the following page: http://localhost:8000/

Scroll down to the EMULATOR SETTINGS  and Enable the SIO transmission over the network. Set localhost ( as the address.

settings emulator

Open a new terminal

cp ~/Documents/Projects/fujinet-emulator-bridge/altirra-custom-device/netsio.atdevice ~/Documents/Windows\ Programs/Altirra/extras/sampledevices/
cp ~/Documents/Projects/fujinet-emulator-bridge/fujinet-bridge/ ~/Documents/Windows\ Programs/Altirra/extras/deviceserver/

cd ~/Documents/Windows\ Programs/Altirra/extras/deviceserver/

Add the device sionet.atdevice to Altirra

System -> Configure System…

Peripherals -> Other devices -> Custom device

If you’ve set it up correctly, it will look like this

Set Acceleration settings

Go to Computer->Acceleration and place checks on C: patch, D: patch, D: burst I/O, SIOV patch only, and CIO burst transfers

emulator settings

Start Altirra

You should see the Fujinet configuration screen

Add a host to the host list by pressing E, and type

Press enter and add the weather.atr in networking

Press and hold F4 (option key on atari) and you’re running!

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