PiDP-8: Play spacewar!

Get spacewar! up and running quickly!!

  • Set the Instruction Field (Inst Field) switches to octal 4

  • Toggle the Single Step switch (Sing Step). This loads the spacewar program at 0200, and sets up the VC8-E interface.

Display on an external Windows/Mac/Linux Machine

You need Java installed

Check your control panel and see if you have 32-bit or 64-bit java installed

Install and run Processing  (32-bit Java use 32-bit Processing)

Find vc8e.pde — load that into Processing (I got mine here: )

Change the client ip on line 18 to the address of your Pi and click the ‘play’ button


Use 1,2,3,4 on your keyboard as the player 1 controls, 9,0,-,= for the player 2 controls.

1/9 = Fire, 2/0 =  Counter Clockwise turn, 3/0 = Clockwise turn, 4/= = Thrust





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