DNS has changed – How do I know when server(s) will update where my domain points to?

The Domain Name Server has a TTL (Time to live) associated with it in seconds. For example:  A TTL of 3600 means in one hour, it will request updated information on the domain, otherwise, it will continue to use it’s cached result.

How do I find out when to expect it to refresh?  On windows use:  nslookup -debug <domain> <name server>

nslookup -debug wordpress.org
Got answer:
opcode = QUERY, id = 1, rcode = NOERROR
header flags: response, want recursion, recursion avail.
questions = 1, answers = 1, authority records = 0, additional = 0

QUESTIONS:, type = PTR, class = IN
name = google-public-dns-a.google.com
ttl = 21575 (5 hours 59 mins 35 secs)


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