Raspberry Pi XWindows Desktop on your Windows Machine

Here’s what you need to have the Pi’s desktop and an XWindow on your Microsoft Desktop

  1. Install PuTTY on your windows machine http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html
  2. From a console/terminal session on Raspberry Pi, determine your ip address by typing ifconfig It will be to the right of inet addr: (For this example we’ll use
  3. On the windows machine, start PuTTY
  4. Put the IP address of your Pi in the host field, select SSH
  5. In the category tree, click/expand  SSH, then Click on X11, enter fields as shown below
  6. Image
  7. Click on open
  8. Click on Yes — we trust the host 🙂
  9. Log into your pi
  10. sudo apt-get install xdm
  11. select xdm
  12. cd /etc/X11/xdm
  13. sudo nano xdm-config
  14. Comment out line DisplayManager.requestPort by placing an ! at the beginning of the line
  15. Ctrl-X, Y, Enter
  16. sudo nano Xaccess
  17. Uncomment line that has *  # any host can get a login window by removing # from the start of the line
  18. Ctrl-X, Y, Enter
  19. service xdm start

On Windows Machine

  1. Download and Install xming http://sourceforge.net/projects/xming/
  2. Create batch file
  3. c:
    cd “\program files (x86)\Xming”
    start “” xming :1 -query

Run it and enjoy your Raspberry Pi Desktop on your Windows Machine




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