Setting up a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian / Wheezy (windows)

  1. Go to and click on the download link
  2. Download the zip file for Raspbian
  3. Extract the image from the zip (right click on file, Extract All..)
  4. Go to and download Win32 Disk Imager
  5. Run Win32DiskImager-X.X.X-install.exe to install program.  Don’t launch the program.
  6. Insert your SD Card into the computer — make note of what drive it shows up as
  7. Run Win32DiskImager
  8. Click the disk icon and find the .img file you extracted from step 3
  9. Select the SD Card drive as found in step 6
  10. Click Write
  11. Have a coffee
  12. Click OK
  13. Insert the SD Card into your Pi — contact side up
  14. Power your Pi, Let the Pi boot — Select ‘Expand Filesystem’
  15. Select ‘Change User Password’ – you know you should do it — look at the bottom of the screen for input
  16. Optional – Select ‘Enable Boot to Desktop’
  17. Optional – Under Advanced Options — Enable SSH
  18. Optional – Under Advanced Options — Enable SPI
  19. Right arrow -> Finish  -> Reboot

From LXTerminal or console

  • sudo apt-get update

Download the package lists from the repositories and “updates” them with the latest information on the newest versions of packages and their dependencies.

  • sudo atp-get upgrade

Fetch new versions of packages existing on the machine


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