magicJack Pro Review

The magicJack Pro seemed like a winning product.  They clearly say on their website

Use our Phone Service for free, make all the free calls you please. 100% Risk FREE – you pay nothing.

When I first plugged in the unit, and the registration process stated, I got a bad feeling.  High pressure buy-buy-buy screens, but there was one screen I could not ignore:  I could not get a Canadian number without paying $10.

Installation was easy, and making outgoing calls worked like a charm; but incoming calls with very inconsistent.  4 out of 5 calls simply went to voice mail.

After approximately 4 hours of dealing with live chat tech support, changing router settings, reinstalling, etc., etc., the system eventually would not accept ANY incoming calls.

I purchased the unit from London Drugs, who I highly recommend for computer accessory purchases, and the return process was uneventful.  So what about that $10US I paid for the Canadian number?  This is what live chat told me:

It is our policy not to refund any purchases made during the registration process


This product is immature, but even when it’s growing pains are complete, I cannot endorse a company that boosts a risk-free trial that has a policy to screw it’s customers during the registration process.


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