Brother DCP-7065DN keeps asking for New Toner

First insure you have upgraded the printer to the latest firmware


Open door

press ‘clear’

press ‘start’

down arrow

up arrow

press ‘ok’


Factory reset — not recommended

press ‘menu’

press ‘start’

up arrow 4 times

maintenance 01


maintenance 99



24 thoughts on “Brother DCP-7065DN keeps asking for New Toner

      1. sinth

        Sorry, to rephrase, I’m curious what the difference is between the two factory resets?

        Curiously, the reset instructions in the manual is different to both of these!

  1. AK

    you sir are the best! really important document is printing, shit error keeps coming up, panic sets in, need printed ASAP, method 1 works and all is well. Screw brother unstable POS errors! Thanks again!

  2. Pepper

    The first option Worked!!
    I didn’t update the firmware but I just purchased this machinea month ago
    You are a super hero man…!!!
    Thank You!!!

  3. Mark

    Thanks so much! Worked so much better than even CONGRESS! Wish we could push a few buttons to get rid of THOSE bums, too, and start over!
    Thanks again, Mr. Cowboy!

  4. Thank You! The first option worked. I tried the second option to attempt to reset everything back to factory but I noticed the page count remains. Is there a way to reset page counter also? Is there a publication indexing what the “maintenance” codes do (“maintenance 01”, “maintenance 99”,etc)?

  5. Thank you! This is really helpful. I bought some off brand cartridges on Amazon. They print fine but I was getting the annoying message. (Don’t know that it had anything to do with the brand of the cartridge, since I’ve gotten pre-mature messages with OEM cartridges as well.) In any event, your advice fixed it. FYI, I posted a link to your page in the answers section of the product page on Amazon.

  6. AreCF

    Thank you very much for your help! I have several Brother printers. They are very good, very durable printers. In my DCP-7065DN, the error message telling me to open the front cover and replace the toner cartridge appeared. I tried several Brother cartridges that I had refilled & reset the flag gear. None of these approaches worked to eliminate the error message on the DCP-7065DN, even though these cartridges worked fine in an HL-2280DW printer. I tried your reset method #1. The LCD panel indicated “accepted” but did not eliminate error message. I then tried your reset method #2. This indicated that the printer was reset, but did not eliminate the error message. I then I tried your reset method #1 again. This time, indicated accepted and eliminated the error message. All with the toner cartridge for which the error message originally appeared. Conclusion: You may need to perform a factory reset prior to executing your reset method #2. AreCF

  7. paygep

    Oh wow! The first option worked! It says “replace toner” when I KNOW there’s more in there! And there you go, reset and now it’s printing like a champ! Thanks for helping me avoid their “replace toner” scam!

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