ACCPAC 6 “Missing system password file”

the system password is in SYPRSC.SYS.  It resides in ASP.

All hidden files should be copied, with care made to get the ??PRSC.* files in the data
directory(ies).  DOS COPY or XCOPY work fine, once the hidden attributes are turned
off, ATTRIB *.* -h.

You should still get a copy of SYSTEMPW.EXE from WSM disk  1 to
set or change the system password in the future.


One thought on “ACCPAC 6 “Missing system password file”

  1. Cowboy November 25, 2008 / 9:30 am

    Sorry, I just take note of the solutions I’ve found for my clients when they’re particularly tough to figure out. If you don’t have disk 1 anymore I would suggest you contact ACCPAC

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